“We breed with Love and Respect” is the motto that has always accompanied Vincenzo Pezzella and Mariarosaria Tortora, the owners of the “Dei Lupi di Anubi” Kennel. As they themselves like to emphasize: “The passion for dogs has always been alive in us since we were children and when we got married in 2006, we decided to embark on what would have been a long and exciting journey in the dog world. A great dream, started with shared values. First of all, we committed ourselves to studying the various breeds, their character peculiarities and the individual stories, and only afterwards oriented on which to choose or those that would have characterized our work and its selection. Each path requires time and patience, and so little by little the drawing came to life … »


The history of the breeding begins in 2010 with the first copy of German Shepherd named KIRIA.

“The relationship that was created with her right away was something unique and special, breeders say. After two years we approached the Saarloos Wolf Dog, also in this case by carefully studying its behaviors and morphologies and then buying in 2013 our first specimen, the magnificent GRETA of the well-known DI MAGGIO ITALIA kennel ».

The choice of the Saarloos Wolf Dog was made with care and attention, trying to get to know each of its character peculiarities and the multiple and delicate nuances of the “lupine” nature that the subjects manage to conserve in a marked way more than any other specimen of breed recognized by ENCI and FCI. In fact, in the standard this aspect is highlighted. As Vincenzo and Mariarosaria point out: «He is a lively, energetic, fascinating dog. His character is proud, indomitable, independent and extremely empathetic, he reads every variable of human communication, even non-verbal communication. But at the same time it is an extraordinary companion dog capable of giving reliability to the family at the highest level. In the ENCI standard, its confidentiality and diffidence towards strangers and its instinct to escape similar to that of the wolf as a typical breed is emphasized. We firmly believe that it is necessary to live with certain breeds because this is the only way to understand the true meaning of their uniqueness ».

American Akita is one of the most recent breeding introductions that took place in 2014 with the arrival of the sweet LOVE INFINITY OF MAY ITALY; also in this case, thanks to the professionalism of the breeders, satisfactions and acknowledgments have arrived, such as the operating patent for water rescue. Excellent results were also obtained by the German Shepherds and the Saarloos Wolf Dogs both in Expo and in social activities. As breeders specify: «We are proud of our subjects and there would be too long a list to draw up to highlight all the satisfactions that they reserve for us and will reserve for us in the future. ETNA was the first American Akita to obtain the water rescue operating patent, a special thought goes to our Veteran JOLA ‘, a German Shepherd who lived with us, and has given us many successes in Expo, not least the European Championship 2019 in Wels at the age of 12. Our Wolf Dogs from Saarloos were successful in the beauty championships, where GRETA has always distinguished itself, today followed by the daughter Leonie of the Wolves of Anubis who at only 15 months won the title of Italian Beauty Champion (a Guinness in this race) and the other daughter Layla dei Lupi from Anubi qualified as European Vice Champion, in her first ever show. We had subjects who obtained the CAE1 title, which CHOIS DEI LUPI DI ANUBI was the first Saarloos in Italy and also stands out in the interventions assisted with animals, with pet therapy sessions dedicated to the elderly. We have always aimed at socializing with our specimens that grow practically in the family in contact with adults and children: our daughter loves them and is enthusiastic to lead them to Expo! Thanks to an adequate imprinting and socialization we are able to perfectly manage all three breeds, meeting every type of need that arises, with us even adult specimens of females of different race can coexist, playing and remaining in harmony. We are proud and proud of our work, which we carry out with immense love and dedication without delay in always making decisions aimed at the good of our four-legged friends ».

Since 2014, the farm has been recognized by ENCI and by the FCI with the affix “DEI LUPI DI ANUBI”.


The name, in honor of the homonymous divinity, is a wanted homage to the story of the son of Osiris and Nefty, whose legend tells that once he was born he was placed in a cradle of canicci and entrusted to the current of the Nile where a crocodile led him to shore and here looked after by a jackal female who welcomed him together with her cubs. Anubis kept the animal’s head in its divine appearance, in recognition of what had been his family – as Vincenzo and Mariarosaria affirm: «And it is with these principles of love that only animals can give, of altruism and sharing in family we intend to raise, with Love and Respect ».


North America contacts: g.tortora.gt@gmail.com